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Terms of service

Read before you purchase!

The following rules are aimed at explaining the process of order and tickets purchase by means of website http://chel.kassy.ru

The tickets on our web-site are distributed on behalf of and for the benefit of Organisation, responsible for the event, and according to the law of Russian Federation.

Online ticket purchase

You can book tickets for 3 days only, the service is chargeable – 50 rubles. The tickets cannot be booked; booking will be cancelled in 3 days and less till the event.

  • Fill the ticket ordering form on the website:
    1. Make sure your profile includes present information of a contact person (full name, telephone number).
    2. Choose seats at the arena plan of the desired event. Remember! The chosen seats are not booked for you and can be sold anytime while an operator calls you back and confirms the order.
    3. Click "Place an order", choose "Order" or "Purchase" if you want to pay by a bank card. The payment is transacted through an authentication server of the Bank Processing system via the credit cards of the following payment service providers:
      1. VISA International
      2. MasterCard Worldwide
  • Please wait for a delivery service operator to respond:
    1. An operator will reach you within 2 days. If he does not call you back, your order will be good during 3 days after the form completion. At the lapse of this period the order is automatically cancelled.
  • Wait for a delivery:
    1. The delivery is carried out on weekdays: Monday-Friday 10 am-6 pm.
    2. You can find the price for delivery in «Terms and conditions of ticket delivery»; delivery price does not depend on the cost of tickets.
    3. If a driver- messenger fails to deliver tickets on time due to unexpected circumstances (weather conditions and other force majeure circumstances), the delivery will be postponed on the next day. In such a case, a phone agent should contact you again to detail delivery time.
    4. NB. A driver- messenger will appreciate exact change prepared in advance (delivery + ticket price).

Ticket Refund

  • by a customer
  • by an organizer

E-tickets refund will be transacted only to the card, the payment was made from.

Replacement tickets are not provided.



Please protect your ticket from heaters, and prevent direct sunlight. Tickets are made from thermal paper. Ruined tickets are irreplaceable and non-refundable.

The venue owners, organizers, performers, sponsors, ticket distributors are not responsible for the harm made to a ticket owner due to his fault (property robbery, loss and so on), as well as for force majeure circumstances (natural disasters), except if the circumstances appeared due to a fault of venue owners, performers, sponsors, ticket distributors.

After the ticket purchase an owner must keep it till the end of an event. Purchased ticket should be in proper condition: without cuts, holes and it should have all attributes of an originally bought ticket. When purchased, please check the condition of a ticket: a tear-off control section which must remain till the event visit.

Tickets cannot be used for promotion purposes, only event organizers can allow that.

Counterfeit Tickets

The tickets bought in places other than booking offices, accredited representatives and distributors or on the web-site http://chel.kassy.ru can be recognized as counterfeit in case of incompliance with original ones. In this case an owner of such ticket assumes criminal, administrative responsibilities in attempt to use or distribute it.

If you buy a ticket from somebody, ask a cashier of «Gorodskie Zrelishchnie Kassy» to confirm the originality of this ticket.

Ticket Distributors

Ticket distributors act as ticket sellers by the order of organizers and they do not bear responsibility for any loss of a customer in case of a complete cancellation or partially completed event. Organizers bear all responsibility (ref. «Ticket Refund»).

Visiting Rules of Event

At the entrance to the event all visitors pass personal inspection (checking the contents of all bags, as well as surface inspection of women by female guards, and of men respectively by male guards). In caseof objects detection that can serve as a public law violation, they are removed before the end of the event. In case of failure to provide such items a visitor is not allowed to the event.

The organizers reserve the priority and unconditional right to exclude persons on the territory of the event in a state of alcohol or drugs intoxication, in dirty clothes, as well as those who threatens public safety through their actions.

Spectators’ actions, leading to riots and hustle, are prevented and suppressed by guards. Violators will be expelled from the event without refund of the amount paid for the ticket.

Without good reason re-entry is prohibited.

Latecomers may be admitted to the event after a suitable pause.

In case of a failure to comply with these conditions, the entrance to the event is not permitted.

Video and Audio Recording

Use of video and photo cameras and other sound recording equipment are prohibited without a written consent of organizers or performers. A violator may be removed from the territory of the event and all the photos, audio and video materials can be taken away by security officers.

By prior agreement with the organizer of the event the latter can be recorded on video, audio, and photo cameras and reproduced as sound, television recording or other form of visual representation. When you purchase tickets, the customer automatically agrees to participate in the recording of the event. Reward in this case is not paid.

Please, buy tickets only in booking-offices, from accredited representatives and distributors or on the website www.kassy.ru

On the initiative of an organizer the regular ticket price is refunded on the day of an event in 1 hour before its start at the booking office of the venue, having a ticket.

Tel.: (351) 246-00-00

You can refund tickets at the booking office or at the head office of OOO «Gorodskie zrelishchnie kassy» (LLC City Spectacular Booking Office): room 864, bld. 4, Razina St., Chelyabinsk.

On the initiative of a customer ticket refund is carried out with an ID at hand and expense deduction, incurred by event makers on the day of the ticket refund. The tickets cannot be refunded on the event day.